Interface SDKAction

All Known Implementing Classes:
GetConfigurationsAction, SequenceAction, SetClearMemAction, SetConfigurationsAction, SynchronizeDateTimeAction

public interface SDKAction

Defines an action for the SDK. This interface is used to customize the binding and unbinding process of devices used by the methods setBindingAction(SDKAction), setBindingAction(SDKAction, int), setUnbindingAction(SDKAction), setUnbindingAction(SDKAction, int) of the SDK.

See Also:
SDK.setBindingAction(SDKAction), SDK.setBindingAction(SDKAction, int), SDK.setUnbindingAction(SDKAction), SDK.setUnbindingAction(SDKAction, int)

Method Summary
 boolean runForDeviceAndWait(MedicalDeviceTO medicalDevice)
          Executes the sdk action.

Method Detail


boolean runForDeviceAndWait(MedicalDeviceTO medicalDevice)
Executes the sdk action. This method should be synchronous and therefore it should block the executing thread until the action is executed or an error occur.

medicalDevice - the medical device with which this actions has to be executed
returns true if the action was executed successfully.