Class SetConfigurationsAction

  extended by com.biocomfort.SDK.actions.SetConfigurationsAction
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class SetConfigurationsAction
extends java.lang.Object
implements SDKAction

Defines a set configuration action that can be used to customize the devices binding or unbinding process. Use the SDK methods setBindingAction(SDKAction), setBindingAction(SDKAction,int), setUnbindingAction(SDKAction), setUnbindingAction(SDKAction,int) to do this. To execute multiple actions use the SequenceAction.

See Also:
SDK.setBindingAction(SDKAction), SDK.setBindingAction(SDKAction, int), SDK.setUnbindingAction(SDKAction), SDK.setUnbindingAction(SDKAction, int), SequenceAction, SDK.setDeviceConfigurations(MedicalDeviceTO, int)

Constructor Summary
SetConfigurationsAction(SDK sdk, MedicalDeviceTO medicalDeviceConfigurations, int configurations)
          Creates a new SetConfigurationsAction instance and initialize it with the given SDK instance and configuration data.
Method Summary
 boolean runForDeviceAndWait(MedicalDeviceTO medicalDevice)
          Executes the SDK method setDeviceConfigurationsAndWait(MedicalDeviceTO,int).
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Constructor Detail


public SetConfigurationsAction(SDK sdk,
                               MedicalDeviceTO medicalDeviceConfigurations,
                               int configurations)
Creates a new SetConfigurationsAction instance and initialize it with the given SDK instance and configuration data.

sdk - a started instance of the SDK
medicalDeviceConfigurations - a medical device instance which stores the configuration data. The device id will not be used.
configurations - the configurations to request. Use the constants SDK.DATETIME, SDK.SERIAL_NUMBER, SDK.FIRMWARE, SDK.IEEE_MAC_ADDRESS, USER_SETTINGS or combinations with bit-or (|) to specify the configurations
Method Detail


public boolean runForDeviceAndWait(MedicalDeviceTO medicalDevice)
Executes the SDK method setDeviceConfigurationsAndWait(MedicalDeviceTO,int).

Note: This is a synchronous method that will block the executing thread until it is succdessfully executed or an error occures.

Specified by:
runForDeviceAndWait in interface SDKAction
medicalDevice - the medical device with which this actions will be executed
returns true if the action was executed successfully.
See Also:
SDK.setDeviceConfigurationsAndWait(MedicalDeviceTO, int)