Interface SDKDataListener

All Known Implementing Classes:
DataConsumer, RestDataConsumer

public interface SDKDataListener

The listener interface for receiving data events of the SDK. The class that is interested in processing a data event implements this interface, and the object created with that class is registered with the SDK, using the method addSDKDataListener. When the SDK receives data from a medical device, that object's onDataReceived method is invoked, and a description of the medical device and the data are passed to it.

See Also:
SDK.addSDKDataListener(SDKDataListener), SDK.removeSDKDataListener(SDKDataListener)

Method Summary
 void onDataReceived(MedicalDeviceTO medicalDevice, TO data)
          Invoked when the SDK receives measurement data from a device.

Method Detail


void onDataReceived(MedicalDeviceTO medicalDevice,
                    TO data)
Invoked when the SDK receives measurement data from a device.

The concrete class of the parameter data depends on the concrete type of the sending medical device. For bood pressure monitors it would be an instance of BloodPressureTO, for blood glucose monitors an instance of BloodGlucoseTO and for scales an instance of WeightTO.

medicalDevice - the medical device that has sent the data
data - the data that are received
See Also:
BloodPressureTO, BloodGlucoseTO, WeightTO