Receive Measurement Data

When the measurement of a device (blood pressure measuring device, blood glucose measuring device or body diagnostics scale) is finished, this device will automatically try to send this data to its connected dongle. If at this time the sdk has been successfully started an onDataReceived() event of the SDKDataListener will be received.

public class MySDKDataListener implements SDKDataListener {
    public void onDataReceived(MedicalDeviceTO medicalDevice,
            TO data) {
        System.out.println(" received");

The parameter data will be an instance of the class BloodPressureTO for measurements of a blood pressure monitor, an instance of the class BloodGlucoseTO for measurements of a blood glucose monitor or an instance of the class WeightTO for measurements body diagnostics scale. All of these three classes extend the class DataTO that includes the general measurement information such as the date and time of the measurement and a user id. Logo